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sâmbătă, 4 octombrie 2008

Chiculiţă Maria-Letiţia (engleza & franceza)

Certified Translator - Conference Interpreter

Lista cu servicii prestate ca traducator-interpret autorizat MJ engleza & franceza:

1. Retroversiune
2. Traducere
3. Dublare TV (per proiect) - experienta relevanta in domeniu: TEO, STIRILE PROTV, PROVEST, PROFETII DESPRE TRECUT, 3x FEMEIE (Michael Bolton), HAPPY HOUR, TEO LIVE + PROTV INTERNATIONAL
4. Traducere si adaptare film
5. Traducere consecutiva: chuchotage/whispering, consecutiva cu sau fara notite, conferinte presa, intalniri de afaceri, negocieri comerciale, traduceri in fata notarului, insotire delegatii externe
6. Traducere simultana

Combinatii de limbi:
italiana (general)-romana

a) Retroversiune: pagina de 2000 caractere cu spatii = 20 lei
b) Traducere: pagina de 2000 caractere cu spatii = 18 lei
c) Traducere consecutiva si simultana = 120 lei / ora
d) Dublare TV = 450 lei per proiect
e) Traducere film = 10 lei/minut film

Certified-Sworn Translator/Interpreter


 2010: Business Events Organization and Marketer Start
 2009: Etiquette and Protocol Rules in Business and in Social Life,
The School of Etiquette and Protocol - Bucharest
 2004-2005: University of Bucharest,
European MA Program in Conference Interpreting
(Specialization: simultaneous translation and dubbing)
 1997-2001: University of Bucharest, Language School,
The Translators-Interpreters-Terminologists Section
 1992-1996: National High School, IAŞI - bilingual classes (French-English)
with French and English native-speaking teachers
 1992: English summer school, held in Iasi, with British and American native


 Romanian: native
 English: fluent
 French: fluent
 Italian: conversational
 Japanese: basic notions (3rd language studied at the University)


Translation (including movie translation)
Conference interpreting: simultaneous and consecutive
Voice-over/live dubbing for TV channels
Event Management and Protocol
Project/Management Assistance


April 2010:
 Participation in the BSDA 2010 ( official organizer and representative of EADS DCS ROMANIA

March 2010:
 Translation into Romanian of the book “Pink Brain, Blue Brain” (written by Lise Eliot) published by EDITURA TREI

February 2010:
 Toyota National Conference, Bucharest: simultaneous translation from and into English and Romanian

October 2009:
 French Business Forum: simultaneous translation from English into French and from French into English

September 2009:
 Simultaneous translation from and into Romanian and English, on the occasion of the MOTOTRBO “A Step Forward into the Digital Communications Era” Conference, in cooperation with AIR & MOTOROLA
 Simultaneous translation from and into Romanian and English, on the occasion of SAP World Tour 2009

August 2009: I started working as a freelance translator for the Romanian Publishing House
FOR YOU; books I translated:
 The Raindrop Technique
 The Essential Oils Guidebook
 Healing Oils of the Bible

June 2009:
 Simultaneous translation from and into English during the Workshop on ITS Applications and European Electronic Tolling, organized by CESTRIN

May 2009:
 Consecutive translation from English into Romanian during the opening of the works related to the seminar on SMEs organized by EUROLINK - House of Europe

April 2009:
 The 5th International Congress of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplant, Intercontinental Hotel, Bucharest
March 2009:
 Press Conference: Launch of Costa Gavras' "Eden is West" in Romania

November 2008:
 I attended the "European Day of Competition and Competitiveness" organized by EUROLINK - House of Europe, as an interpreter: consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from and into English

 INNER CONSULTING GROUP: movie translation - Da Vinci Learning

October 2008:
 "Share, Communicate, and Win Event", a conference on radio communications, supported by MOTOROLA and American International Radio
 SAP World Tour Romania 2008

September 2008:
 National Hepatology Congress organized by the Romanian Association for the Study of Liver

July 2008:
 Translation of reports on landslides drawn up for the Romanian Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development by the World Institute for Disaster Risk Management within the project "Experimental Studies regarding Landslides and Elaboration of Standard Monitoring Manuals"

June 28th, 2008:
 Dubbing live from English into Romanian during the special edition of a show broadcast live by ROMANTICA TV, on the occasion of the concert dedicated to the 90th anniversary of Nelson Mandela, broadcast live from London

Since May 2008:
 Senior Translator / Interpreter and Assistant to the Communications Manager, the Communications Department of EADS DCS Romania SRL (

May 2008:
 Dubbing live from French and English into Romanian during the HAPPY HOUR TV show, broadcast live by PRO TV; special guests: Philippe Lucas, Philippe Guilet, Lord of the Dance; Povestiri de Noapte, broadcast live by ACASA TV, special guest: Alessandro Safina

April 8th, 2008:
 Dubbing live from English into Romanian during TEO Live show; special guests: Kings on Ice, PRIMA TV

March 28th, 2008:
 I dubbed, live, from English into Romanian and from Romanian into English during the TEO Live Show, broadcast by PRIMA TV; special guest of the show: Kalomira, Greece's representative to Eurovision 2008, the music contest

March 5th, 2008:
 I translated from Romanian into English, for MEDIA PRO PICTURES, the episode of "Gipsy Heart" (Inimă de Ţigan) that took part in the Emmy awards competition.

March 4th, 2008:
 Dubbing live from Romanian into English and from English into Romanian during the TEO Live Show, PRIMA TV, guests: Chippendales

February 22nd – 24th, 2008:
 Simultaneous translation from English and French into Romanian and from Romanian into French during the conference "Black Sea Dimensions" organized by the European Movement, with the support of the European Parliament, in Bucharest

February 2008:
 I started working as a volunteer for VIER PFOTEN, helping them with the translation from/into English of documents they need

December 2007:
 I started to wok as a freelance for SDI Media Group - SDI MEDIA is the world’s leading provider of subtitling and language dubbing services to the entertainment industry

November 2007:
 Collaboration with SC CĂRŢI AUDIO SRL – Cluj Napoca
Projects: translation from English into Romanian of the book "THE DIP" written by Seth GODIN (

October 2007:
 2activePR
Interpretation project: Press conference with the CEO of Adobe Incorporated
Systems, Bruce Chizen, 25th of October 2007, Bucharest
Interpretation project: simultaneous translation from and into French,
and consecutive translation from English into French and from French into English
- The 53rd European Forum Lions, Palace of Parliament, October, 17th - 20th 2007, Bucharest

 SAP ROMANIA: Simultaneous translation from and into English and Romanian
- SAP World Tour Romania 2007, SAP ERP 6.0, 3rd of October 2007, Bucharest

August 2007 – May 2008:
o Assistant to the Acceptance Department of EADS DCS ROMANIA SRL on commercial and administrative issues: I was in charge of the commercial documentation related to the acceptance of sites making up the Integrated Border Security System of Romania, also dealing with the relevant technical documentation related to the acceptance of these sites, and supporting the head of the Department in the relation with the Customer (The Ministry of Administration and Interior)

August 2007:
 INTELY TECH SRL, translations (economy – finance)

June 2007:
 TEORA USA - Publishing House:
July 2007: "I Wonder Why Camels Have Humps"

Since April 2007, I have worked, on a collaboration basis, with the Notary Public Bureau Radu Mirela, based in Bucharest.

Since March 2007, I have worked, on a collaboration basis, with the translation bureau BEST COMMUNICATION MEDIA, as a chartered translator and interpreter for English and French. Interpretation projects:

 I took part, as an interpreter, in the seminar "Didactical Skills and Curriculum Development for Judicial Trainers" - Phare project: Technical Assistance for Further Assistance for National Institute of Magistracy, Romania, (consecutive interpretation from/into Romanian-English), 29 March 2007
 I attended the conference "The Human Resources Days in PETROM", held in Bucharest, at Ramada Hotel, (simultaneous translation from/into Romanian-English), 24-25 May 2007
 "The Human Resources Days in PETROM", Caro Hotel, 21-22 September 2007, (simultaneous translation from Romanian into English)

Since October 2006, I have worked as a senior translator/interpreter for EADS DCS ROMANIA SRL, a subsidiary of EADS Deutschland GmbH (Defense, Security and Communications Systems)

Since September 2006, I have worked, on a project basis, mainly as an interpreter, but also as a translator, with Teodoru & Associates - Attorneys at Law

2001 - 2007:
 Full-time job: I worked as a translator-interpreter and as a protocol and liaison officer for an important public institution in Romania, where my main tasks had to do with translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation during national and international meetings, seminars, conferences, workshops, receiving foreign delegations, dealing with protocol issues, official correspondence and other related issues

Since 2004, I have translated medical documents, especially related to oncology, pathology, and clinical trials (project-based).

2001 - 2008:
 I have worked as a translator-interpreter for PRO TV (on a collaboration/copywriting basis) – dubbing, translating movies and proofreading the translations:

• In December 2006, I dubbed from French into Romanian the short speech delivered by Mr. Joseph Borel on the occasion of Romania's accession to EU.

• 2001 - 2003: I dubbed programs from Romanian into English for PRO TV INTERNATIONAL

• 2002: I did dubbing from English into Romanian on the occasion of Romania being invited to join NATO, when PRO TV broadcast live from Prague

• 2004 - 2006: I collaborated with the producers of the TV show "PRO VEST" TV show, from/into English and French

• 2004 - 2007: I translated and proofread movie scripts for PRO TV and PRO CINEMA, as well as Romanian sitcoms for PRO TV INTERNATIONAL

• 2006: I translated Romanian movies into French for PRO VIDEO: "Femeia Visurilor" (Dan Piţa), presented at Cannes, "Păcală se întoarce" (Geo Saizescu), "Nea Mărin Miliardar", "Ultimul Cartuş" (Sergiu Nicolaescu)

• 2005 - 2006, I worked as an interpreter (dubbing) for the producers of TEO TV Show when they had foreign personalities attending the show, such as ETHAN & LESLIE HAWKE, PIERRE KATRA, MICK DAVIS, MARIA ILIEVA, ANA STANIC, ARMAND ASSANTE.

• In 2005, I translated for MICHAEL BOLTON when he gave an interview for ACASA TV

• In 2005, I worked as an interpreter for DIACRIS - a translation/interpretation firm in Bucharest, on "train the trainers" projects: legal consultancy provided by Dutch experts to Romanian magistrates

• In 2001 (January - May), I worked as a language trainer and translator for ROM COMMUNICATE - The Professional Language Training Center, a ltd company specialized in providing language training and translations.

• I was an English language trainer for members of the managing board of companies like SC TNT ROMANIA SRL, TIMKEN PLOIEŞTI, ERNST AND YOUNG (a member of ERNST & YOUNG INTERNATIONAL), HRD BUCHAREST, and DANONE.

• In May 2000, I collaborated with MERCURY RESEARCH, as an interpreter - simultaneous interpretation, on a marketing project (on Elite coffee).

• In April - July 2000, I taught French at ION NECULCE High School in Bucharest.

• In August 2000, I collaborated with ASIROM Insurance Company (the Paşcani - Iaşi branch) as a translator/interpreter (business and legal English), as a summer job.

• In December 2000, I collaborated, on a project, with DAEDALUS CONSULTING, as a translator and PC operator.

• In 1999, I collaborated as a translator and PC operator with FUNDAŢIA PENTRU PREGĂTIRE PROFESIONALĂ CONTINUĂ ŞI ÎNVĂŢĂMÂNT DESCHIS LA DISTANŢĂ (The Foundation for Continuous Learning and Open Distance Education).

• Since 1999, I have worked - on request - as a tourist guide and escort interpreter for foreign delegations.


1. Certificate of Completion of Training on Business Events Organization (2010)

2. Certificate of Completion of Training on Performance as Assistant Manager (2009)

3. Italian proficiency course organized by the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest (2006)

4. Translator’s License issued by the Romanian Ministry of Justice (12165/20.07.2004)

4. Certificate for proficiency in French, signed by the French Embassy in Bucharest (1996)




TRADOS, PMWin 2.2, Subtitle Workshop


 GSM: +40 743.992.037
 E-mail address:

Letters of recommendation and references available on request.

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