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sâmbătă, 11 octombrie 2008

English Collocations (II) – finding and learning it

Sunt două metode principale ca să găseşti colocaţii: scoate-le din textele pe care le citeşti sau obişnuieşte-te să le scoţi din dicţionar atunci când îl consulţi ca să înveţi noi cuvinte. În textul următor, de exemplu, am subliniat colocaţiile:

After giving Mark a lift to the airport, Cathy made her way home. What an exciting life he led! At times Cathy felt desperately jealous of him. She spent her time doing litle more than taking care of thim and the children. Now her sister was getting divorced and would doubtless be making demands on her too. Cathy had promised to give her sister a call as soon as she got home but she decided to run herself a bath first. She had a sharp pain in her side and hoped that a hot bath might ease the pain.

Dacă te uiţi în dicţionar la cuvântul sharp, vei găsi câteva dintre colocaţiile următoare: a sharp pain, a sharp bend/turn, a sharp contrast/difference/distinction, a sharp rise/increase/drop.

Ca şi atunci când vrei să înveţi simple cuvinte, este bine să încerci să formezi cu colocaţiile găsite noi propoziţii (ex: I don’t have access to that kind of secret information).


1. Subliniază 11 colocaţii în acest text:

My friend Beth is desperately worried about her son at the moment. He wants to enrol on a course of some sort but just can’t make a decision about what to study. I gave Beth a ring and we had a long chat about it last night. She said he’d like to study for a degree but is afraid he won’t meet the requirements for university entry. Beth thinks he should do a course in Management because he’d like to set up his own business in the future. I agreed that that would be a wise choice.

2. Corectează opt colocaţii eronate din acest text. Nu te jena să utilizezi un dicţionar:

I the morning I made some work in the garden, then I spent a rest for about an hour before going out to have some shopping in town. It was my sister’s birthday and I wanted to do a special effort to cook a nice meal for her. I gave a look at a new Thai cookery book in the bookshop and decided to buy it. It has some totally easy recipes and I managed to do a good impression with my very first Thay meal. I think my sister utterly enjoyed her birthday.

3. Utilizează un dicţionar ca să găseşti trei sau patru colocaţii pentru fiecare din aceste cuvinte:




desperately worried
to enrol on a course
to make a decision
to give a ring
to have a long chat
to study for a degree
to meet the requirements
university entry
to do a course
to set up his own business
wise choice

to do some work
to had a rest
to do shopping
to make an effort
a substantial meal
to have/take a look
very/quite/extremely easy
to make a good impression
thoroughly/really enjoyed

desperately ill
desperately busy
desperately keen
desperately in love

in pain
constant pain
to ease the pain
sharp pain

a wise choice
wise guy

differences between the two sides run deep
the river ran dry
we’re beginning to run short of money
he was arrested for running drogs across the border

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